Blockchain The Institutional Technology


Blockchain The Institutional Technology The prominent blockchain thinker Primavera De Filippi summarizes clearly much of the significance of the blockchain as an institutional technology when she notes "today the blockchain is marking the beginning of a new digital revolution whose focus is not just human communication but rather human interaction and cooperation. What the internet [...]

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Blockchain & Society


Blockchain & Society The blockchain is as much an institutional technology as an information technology. It not only enables us to greatly strengthen the capacities of peer networks through automated trust but also by enabling the recording and exchanges of value it allows us to design incentive systems. Of course peer-to-peer networked forms of social organization [...]

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Blockchain & Environment


Blockchain & Environment Typically when talking about applications of blockchain people start by talking about currencies, finance and then more general business applications such as supply chain, then possibly learn about its potential use for the Internet of Things. What is rarely talked about is its applications to the environment, but this could turn out to [...]

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Blockchain & Internet of Things


Blockchain & Internet of Things A new technology paradigm is emerging as we move into this world of connectivity it is called the Internet of Things, IoT for short. The technology paradigm of the industrial age was one of machines, stand-alone mechanical systems, they were physical in nature, mono-functional and mechanized; it is a world of [...]

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Blockchain & Economy


Blockchain & Economy Blockchain technology has relevance for virtually all domains but because of its nature as a secure value exchange protocol the most readily identifiable ones are within finance, business, and economy. As with other areas the blockchain has the capacity to decentralize economic organization creating distributed peer-to-peer networks for exchange, in so doing [...]

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations The world is changing rapidly and the internet is fast entering a new technological era as web 2.0 gives way to an emerging set of blockchain technologies. This next generation of internet technologies built on the blockchain offers many interesting new technological, economic and social innovations - such as digital currencies, distributed [...]

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Token Economies


Token Economies With the ongoing revolution in information technology, our economic systems of organization are being transformed and disrupted by the rise of information networks. It started with the advent of the personal computer, World Wide Web and with the rise of online platforms the disruptive power of information networks to reshape economic organization became [...]

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The Internet of Value


The Internet of Value Because the blockchain is a secure system that enables a trusted network it may be described as a value-exchange protocol. In this respect, it is often said that what the Web did for the exchange of information the blockchain will do for the exchange of value. Just as the web revolutionized [...]

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Distributed Applications


Distributed Applications The advent of the Ethereum platform in 2015 has worked to provide a virtual computing infrastructure for running applications on the blockchain, this new form of program is called a distributed application or Dapp for short. Ethereum was the first developer platform for building distributed apps it is a foundational general-purpose blockchain based [...]

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