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Systems Academy is an e-learning site dedicated to systems thinking and complexity theory and their application within a wide variety of domains from social science to management, to engineering and technology. We enable individuals and organizations to think in systems, to understand complexity and how these new ideas apply to their specific domain.

With over 3 million video lectures delivered so far, Systems Academy has rapidly become the primary online resource for systems thinking and complexity theory. The platform consists of over 330 short modular and consumable video lectures that explain complex topics in an intuitive way – a library of 20 full courses explaining everything from the very abstract – systems theory, network theory, emergence theory – to applied subjects like, advanced analytics, complexity management or blockchain technology.


Our world is changing in profound ways, while a revolution in information technology is disrupting every industry and aspect of society, new ways of thinking are desperately needed to not just disrupt but reconstruct more sustainable systems. As a wise individual once said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In this respect our overarching motivation is the adoption and application of systems thinking towards the development of systems based sustainable solutions – we do this by making complexity and systems thinking accessible to all through educational content.

The aim of this initiative is to make the ideas of systems thinking more accessible and thus more widely understood and used – both within academia and the general conscious. We believe that systems thinking is a powerful set of ideas with huge potential to really change the way the world thinks and works for the better, we build Systems Academy as one aspect in realizing that change in thinking and doing.

about, About


about, About

We aim to serve four main user bases; students, educators, researchers, and organizations. For students, we function as an e-learning site providing accessible learning content, for both self-directed learners and as a complement to a more formal education. By presenting content as searchable articles with references the site also works as a reference to support researchers in applying systems and complexity thinking to their area of interest.

For teachers, schools and universities, we provide educational material that can easily be integrated into their learning programs – as standalone courses or as supplementary content. For organizations, we work as a knowledge base, helping them to easily up skill members and acquire new knowledge difficult to obtain elsewhere. More than this CA works also as a source of innovative new ideas and solutions to complex challenges. We make all our content Creative Commons and available for download so that it can be remixed and reused – our courses are used by organizations, schools, universities and enterprises around the world, from Vancouver, to Newcastle, to Dubai, to UNSW in Sydney.


No, Systems Academy is not, it is a social business, meaning we are registered as a business organization and are not directly associated with any university.

Systems Academy is funded by providing services such as the sale of course certificates and video downloads. We also generate revenue through the distribution of educational content through third party commercial websites, such as Udemy.

You can cite our content by looking for the article in the “articles” section and referencing that webpage

The content we produce is a synthesis of many different sources, primarily research papers, books, lectures and of course Wikipedia. We do not pretend to be an authority on the subject of complex systems (as there is no such thing) like all information on the internet you should cross-reference it and develop your own critical thinking skills.

All of the content we produce is licensed under Creative Commons, you can download it and use it in your own project as you see fit, copy, remix or post it on your own site.

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Yes, we do offer certificates of completion for students who have finished one of our courses, but this is an additional service you will have to purchase

The best way to translate the videos is to do it on Youtube where you can add subtitles to the videos directly, to do this just click on the cog icon at the bottom of the video and then click “Subtitles” and then “Add Subtitles CC” you can find out exactly how to do this in this video

I know, but that is not a question, please keep all questions relevant and to the point 🙂

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