Systems Thinking Innovation


Systems Thinking Innovation Systems innovation can be seen to be based upon the premise that the system we are interested in is not functioning on a foundational level, or a vision of how the whole system could be better. When we extrapolate this out we can recognize that many of the systems in our society [...]

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Systems Insight


Systems Insight When presented with very complex messy systems people often get overwhelmed and they become overlay pragmatic; they move rapidly towards simple practical solutions fearing that idealism is impossible. We often take the last steps first, fearful of idealism or are just too lazy to put in the work. We skip over the initial [...]

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Systems Innovation Process


Systems Innovation Process Innovation is the process of creating and introducing a new solution to a given challenge. At its heart innovation is a creative process; an inherently disorganized and messy one. Systems thinkers argue that interventions do not always produce orderly, sequential and contained outcomes; instead an ongoing process of action, learning and adaptation [...]

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Systems Innovation Example


Systems Innovation Example Systems innovation can be understood as a change in the structure of a complex system that generates new patterns to its operations and behavior. Such changes are not achieved by changing any of the parts but require a reorganization of the connections and flows of information within the system. As Rachel Wharton [...]

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Complex Wicked Problems


Complex Wicked Problems Systems innovation is designed to try and tackle what we call wicked problems, which are highly complex and difficult issues, examples might include; global cybersecurity, inequality, the question of global governance, issues associated with the financialization of our economies, as well as international crime, terrorism, urban renewal projects or many of the [...]

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Systems Change


Systems Change Systems change is about enabling transformation in the structure and interrelationships of the parts within a complex organization so as to realize the emergence of new behavior and functionality required for that organization to operate successfully within its environment. To quote Forum For The Future1 "Systemic change is where relationships between different aspects of [...]

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Systems Innovation Overview


Systems Innovation Overview The term systems innovation has become popular in the past decades but the term is often left as somewhat vague, so let's start by presenting a working definition. Systems innovation can be understood as a combination of systems thinking and the process of innovation so as to enable transformative change within a [...]

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