Systems Innovation Book


Systems Innovation Download Book Systems innovation and systems change are terms that have risen to prominence in the past few decades in the face of a new set of challenges that are recognized to be complex, interconnected, and highly dynamic. Around the [...]

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Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation To enable change within complex systems requires learning how to work with the system's innate propensity for change. If we want to enable real large-scale systems to change we are going to have to tap into and work with deep structural transformations that are taking place in our world today. Probably the deepest [...]

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Nonlinear Organizational Change


Nonlinear Organizational Change Complexity theory has taught us that there are universal patterns for how complex nonlinear organizations change over time. This process of change is the same for any complex system, for ecosystems, for change in technology, for changes in culture, economy or society, or large enterprises. The general model is based around feedback [...]

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Organizational Transition


Organizational Transition The only time we really get to do large-scale system change is when a system is in transition. When a system is in its normal state one's capacity to alter the whole organization will be close to zero; as long as an organization is in or near its normal state of operation it [...]

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System Dynamics Overview


Systems Dynamics Overview To do system innovation we have to work with the relationships between the parts and that starts by creating some kind of model for those linkages or connections. An ideal modeling method for this is system dynamics. Over the past several decades system dynamics has proven to be a very effective and [...]

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Systems Stakeholder Analysis


Systems Stakeholder Analysis Virtually every problem we will encounter our there in the world can ultimately be traced back to a socio-cultural one. If you dig far enough into the water crisis, environmental degradation, inequality, or cybersecurity you will find that it is not really about lack of water, lack of land, lack of money [...]

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Systems Change Analysis


Systems Change Analysis As the influential systems thinking, Donella Meadows writes1 "Before you disturb the system in any way, watch how it behaves. If it’s a piece of music or a whitewater rapid or a fluctuation in a commodity price, study its beat. If it’s a social system, watch it work. Learn its history." We love [...]

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Leverage Points


Leverage Points A leverage point is a place within a system where small changes can have large effects. The lower we go in the iceberg, the more leverage we have for transforming the system. For example, changing structures and influencing mental models has a broader, more far-reaching effect than reacting in the moment and firefighting [...]

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Iceberg Model Explained


Iceberg Model Explained The are a few basic models that are very helps for thinking about system change, one of the most popular of this is what is called the iceberg model. The Iceberg Model tries to illustrate the various level of abstraction to a situation or organization, from the observable events to underlying patterns that [...]

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Systems Modeling


Systems Modeling In order to do systems change we have to understand whatever it is we are trying to change as a system and this requires that we actually create a systems model of it. Most of us do not see systems we just see things and as a consequence, we have designed our world [...]

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