Network Degree Distribution


Network Degree Distribution A key parameter to the make-up of any network is the network’s degree distribution. Degree distribution tries to capture the difference in the degree of connectivity between nodes in a graph.View Source It is really asking the question, do all the nodes have roughly the same amount of connections or do [...]

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Network Clustering


Network Clustering The way in which a network is connected plays a large part in how we analyze and interpret it. When analyzing connectedness and clustering, we are asking how integrated or fractured the overall network system is, how these different major sub-systems are distributed out and their local characteristics. A graph can be said [...]

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Network Dynamics


Network Dynamics The study of how networks form, grow and change over time is a relatively new area of research, but it is critical to understand how to foster the development of some types of networks and reduce the development of others. For example, researchers have studied innovation as a process of diffusion across a network.View [...]

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Network Robustness


Network Robustness Robustness & resilience are often thought of in terms of a system's capacity to maintain functionality in the face of external perturbations. We see some extraordinary examples of this, ecological networks that persist despite extreme environmental changes. Communication networks like the internet can often deal with malfunction, errors, and attacks, without these local [...]

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Network Diffusion & Contagion


Network Diffusion & Contagion How something spreads across a network is a key question of interest when analyzing many different networks, the classical example of this being the diffusion of a disease through some population. But we might be talking about how the loss of one species in an ecosystem has an effect on others, [...]

Network Diffusion & Contagion2019-01-11T14:01:21+00:00

Centralized & Power Law Networks


Centralized & Power Law Networks Centralized networks represent networks with a very high degree distribution, meaning in this type of network structure there will be very many nodes with a very low level of connectivity and a very few, or maybe just one node with an exceptionally high degree of connectivity. Thus, they are very [...]

Centralized & Power Law Networks2019-01-11T14:01:25+00:00

Decentralized & Small World Networks


Decentralized & Small World Networks A decentralized network is one without any overall dominant central hub. But instead, a network that has some nodes with a higher degree of connectivity than others, giving the overall topology local clusters with local hubs. We call this network model that has local hubs but still relatively little overall [...]

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Random & Distributed Networks


Random & Distributed Networks A random network is more formally termed the Erdős–Rényi random graph model, so named after two mathematicians who first introduced a set of models for random graphs in the mid 20th century.View Source As the name implies, this type of network is generated by simply taking a set of nodes [...]

Random & Distributed Networks2019-01-11T14:03:46+00:00

Network Centrality


Network Centrality Centrality is a measure that tells us how influential or significant a node is within the overall network.View Source This concept of significance will have different meanings depending on the type of network we are analyzing. In some ways, centrality indices are answers to the question "What characterizes an important node?" From [...]

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Complex Contagion


Complex Contagion Complex contagion is the phenomenon in social networks in which multiple sources of exposure to some alteration are required before an individual adopts the change of behavior. This differs from simple contagion in that, it may not be possible for the innovation to spread after only one incident of contact with an infected [...]

Complex Contagion2019-01-11T14:12:13+00:00
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