Complex Adaptive Systems


Complex Adaptive Systems A complex adaptive system is a special class of complex system that has the capacity for adaptation. Like all complex systems, they consist of many elements, what are called agents, with these agents interacting in a nonlinear fashion creating a network of connections within which agents are acting and reacting to each [...]

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Adaptive Systems


Adaptive Systems We can define adaptation as the capacity for a system to change its state in response to some change within its environment.View Source An adaptive system then is a system that can change given some external perturbation, and this is done in order to optimize or maintain its condition within an environment [...]

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Regulatory Systems


Regulatory Systems Within systems theory, a control system or regulatory system is a specialized subsystem that is designed to monitor and regulate the behavior and operation of the broader system it is a part of in order to maintain its functionality. The primary objective of a control system is to preserve the internal level of [...]

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Schemata A schema is a conceptual pattern or structure that organizes categories of information and the relationships among them.View Source The term derives from psychology but is used within complex adaptive systems theory to denote the internal logic governing an agent's behavior. The internal logic or schema that governs the behavior of agents within [...]


Simple Rules


Simple Rules One of the key premises of complex systems theory is that global coordination and complex behavior can emerge out of very simple rules governing the interaction between agents on the local level without the need for centralized coordination.View Source At the heart of this is the question of how agents synchronize their [...]

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Cellular Automaton


Cellular Automaton Cellular automata are algorithmic models that use computation to iterate on very simple rules. In so doing, these very simple rules can create complex emergent phenomena through the interaction between agents as they evolve over time. To illustrate the functioning of a cellular automaton, we will take an example from probably the most [...]

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Feedback & Externalities


Feedback & Externalities A feedback loop defines a relationship of interdependency between two or more components where the change in state of one element affects that of another, with this effect then, in turn, feeding back to alter the source element. This dynamic captured by feedback loops plays a fundamental role in the self-organization of [...]

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Cooperation & Competition


Cooperation & Competition A core premise of complexity theory is that global patterns in complex systems emerge out of the synchronization between the states of elements on the local level.View Source Whereas the terms synchronization or desynchronization are generic to any type of system when we are dealing with elements that have agency, that [...]

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Evolution Evolution is a process of adaptation that operates on the macro-level of a system. Adaptation is the capacity to generate a response to some change within the environment. Evolution is this same process but operating on the macro scale, i.e. on the level of a population of agents.View Source Here again, it is [...]


Robustness & Resilience


Robustness & Resilience Resilience is the capacity of a system to maintain functionality in the face of some alteration within the system's environment.View Source All systems exist within an environment and are, to a certain extent, dependent upon a specific range of input values from that environment. The system has a set of parameters to [...]

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