Political Micro-Macro Dynamic


Political Micro-Macro Dynamic The term micro-macro dynamic, also called the micro-macro link, refers to the dynamic interplay between the micro-level to a system and the macro-level, each of which may have different emergent structures, inherent rules, and processes but have to interact and coexist within the same overall system, thus creating a core tension between [...]

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Emergent Political Processes


Emergent Political Processes Emergent political processes refer to the rise of political structures and behaviors without central planning and by the action of many individual participants in a distributed fashion.1 The phrase draws upon emergence theory for the idea that the simple actions of individuals can collectively create complex and unpredictable results.2 The most manifest example [...]

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Open Political Systems


Open Political Systems The term open political system refers to political systems that have the characteristics of open systems in general; namely that they have a high degree of exchange with their environment and are normalized to respond to changes through feedback and adaptive capacity.1 Likewise, they are open in the sense of being able [...]

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Political Self-Organization


Political Self-Organization Self-organization is defined as a process by which systems that are in general composed of many parts spontaneously acquire their structure or function without specific interference from an agent that is not part of the system.1 Political self-organization then refers to the formation of political patterns through the local interactions of the members [...]

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Types Of Political Systems


Types Of Political Systems Politics is the process through which a group of people make collectively binding agreements and act on them. A political system is a set of social institutions through which this process is conducted; including the electoral system, the law making institution, public administration, law enforcement, and judiciary. Governments make collective decisions that [...]

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Political Systems


Political Systems A political system is a set of interrelated social institutions that collectively perform the function of public governance within a society.1 Politics is the process through which a group of people make collective decisions that affect all and implement them; the process of doing this we would call public governance.2 A political system [...]

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Sociopolitical Systems


Sociopolitical Systems The term sociopolitical system refers to systems composed of both social elements and political elements and the interaction between them.1 In asking the question where does governance come from or on what do we base governance on? The answer is sociocultural institutions. Political systems sit on top of and are dependent upon their [...]

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SocioCultural Systems


Sociocultural Systems Sociocultural systems are as set of component parts fitting loosely together to form a coherent whole.1 The term is used to give a holistic approach to looking at both the non-material cultural constructs - such as faith, value systems, epistemology - and the social structures - such as political organizations, civil organizations, educational [...]

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