Game Theory


Game theory is the domain of applied mathematics that studies situations of interdependence between adaptive agents. A game is a system wherein adaptive agents are interdependent in effecting each other and the overall outcome

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Game Theory Book


This book is an accompaniment to our game theory course which works as a gentle beginners guide to game theory and the dynamics of cooperation and competition

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Generalizing Game Theory


Game theoretic concepts apply whenever the actions of several agents are interdependent. These agents may be individuals, groups, firms, or any combination of these. The concepts of game theory provide a language to formulate, structure and analyz

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Network Game Theory


Network Game Theory Network game theory is the combination of network analysis and game theory to the study of situations of interdependence between adaptive agents. Network game theory builds upon and expands classical game theory by incorporating the network of connections - the context - within which agents make their choices, in so doing it [...]

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Replicator Dynamics


Replicator Dynamics The replicator equation is the first and most important game dynamic studied in connection with evolutionary game theory. The replicator equation and other deterministic game dynamics have become essential tools over the past 40 years in applying evolutionary game theory to behavioral models in the biological and social sciences. These models show the [...]

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Evolutionary Stable Strategies


Evolutionary Stable Strategies The concept of an Evolutionarily Stable Strategy(ESS) applies to evolutionary processes where agents adopt a strategy and then learn of its comparative success through its interaction with other agents in an evolutionary process. An ESS is a strategy such that any player adopting any different (mutant) strategy will do no better than [...]

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Evolutionary Game Theory


Evolutionary Game Theory Evolutionary Game Theory is the application of game theory concepts to situations in which a population of agents with diverse strategies interact over time to create a stable solution, through an evolutionary process of selection and duplication.1 The central insight of evolutionary game theory is that many behaviors involve the interaction of multiple [...]

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Cooperative Structures


Cooperative Structures Cooperative structures are the various forms of institutional structures that enable people to act cooperatively, examples being third party organizations like governments, social networks of various form and recommendation systems. This article looks at various approaches that are used to foster the cooperation required to overcome the social dilemma that lies at the heart of many [...]

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